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Here is the link to the project

Concept: For my first proposal, I wanted to create a website that generates deconstructed fast food into fine dining meals. This would be done through actual and physical deconstruction of the meal itself by using french and gastronomic cooking methods. By looking at the initial wire frame, the user selects a main, a second, and a dessert course, then clicks "GENERATE" to compile that particular combination onto one plate. Please note that these all possible combinations must be photographed separately. Furthermore, each dish will have a different/posh description after the user generates the fast food meal (Big Mac + Fries + Milkshake --> Tasting of Milk Fed Veal: Tenderloin, Lettuce Puree, Sweetbread, Pickled Swiss Cheese). To add more interactivity with the generated image - the user has the option of sharing it directly to facebook or instagram.

Feedback: The feedback from my peers was very beneficial. First, we both agree that the process of deconstructing each dish and documenting each combination would be extremely tedious and time-consuming. Secondly, I need to figure WHY is this information relevant, and more importantly WHO would use this website. Lastly, if I'm building my website as a comical take on fast food – I should conceptualize beyond the generated wording, and articulate in a manner that is more damaging.


McDonald's video game is a great precedent for this project. It's a web-based game that puts at the head of the company - behind every sandwich there is a complex process you must learn to manage: from the creation of pastures to the slaughter, from the restaurant management to the branding. The user will discover all the dirty secrets that keeps McDonalds flourishing.

For my iteration, I built a website that addresses the amount of calories, saturated fat, calories from fat, and hazardous chemicals that are found in fast food meals. I used javascript to animate the information stemming from calorieking.com

Feedback and Future Iterations: From the feedback I received in class, the information displaying calories and trans fat weren't strong indicators of dangerous foods. Also, I need to more specific with my target demographic - focusing on a particular group as oppose to all teenagers. I think for the next iteration, I could provide a gallery of chemicals instead of fast food meals. When a chemical is highlighted, it could show a list of fast food meals with that particular chemical along with its side effects and links to related articles as references.