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Concept: I am creating a face recognition program for Thai youth to evoke the feeling of desirability and insecurity, thoughts about self-identity and personal beauty in the context of a psychological study. The application would use a web cam to track your face and store it. There would be assigned buttons on the bottom of the screen to enhance facial features by applying whitening lotion or undergo surgery. There would also be two indicators on the screen, one shows the percentage of natural skin, and other percentage of enhancements. Once the user is satisfied with his/alterations, the application shows a comparison between the picture taken before and after.

Being raised in Thailand like any other Southeast Asian nation, there is a self-identity misconception that to appear whiter is to be superior. Thailand is a well-known destination for plastic surgery, and has one of the biggest markets in cosmetics, particularly in whitening solutions (here are some commercials that illustrates this culture). The title of the project represents some of the remarks darker colored people hear on a daily basis. "You're skinny; intelligent; mature; but DARK."

Feedback: I need to figure out what am I trying to prove, and who is my target audience. Initially, this project is for middle school teachers to test their students whether they are comfortable or insecure about their own skin. I realized that kids being kids, they would probably manipulate their faces dramatically. Another comment was more towards the technical aspects of the project.