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Here is the link to the project

Concept: I am building a web-based game called DISTRACTION for young individuals diagnosed with ADHD and teenagers who are heavily influenced social/tech media platforms to evoke the feelings of confusion and struggle, thoughts about inattention and procrastination in the context of commuting to school/work. According to a survey published by CASA Columbia, the survey explores the relationship between teenagers, social media use, and drug abuse. They found that 70% of teenagers age 12-17 spend time on a social media site in a typical day. It also reminds me of my little cousin's eyes glued to her iPhone, throwing a tantrum whenever an anyone attempts to take it away from her.

Rules of the game: The user is given 20 seconds to click on the book icon as many times as the user can without being distracted. User has the option to change the speed of the book and the number of blocks per screen. All the other icons symbolizes distraction: video, selfie, lotion, soda, and video games. Once, the user selects the desired difficulty level, a countdown from three to one begins in Thai alphabets. There is a scoreboard with score time left andamoutn of attemps

Technology: In order to focus on the functionality of the game, I used a number of javascript plugins including Ion.Sound (audio plugin for web browers), mathJS (math library), Modernizr (HTML/CSS3 capability), and JSTweener (similar to ActionScript tweening engine).

Feedback and future iterations: The feedback I received was very helpful. There is something missing in this memory web-based game that is not teaching the youth about the dangers of social/tech media. Instead, it further reinforces kids to interact with a digital platform and doesn't necessarily give value to learning. I think for a future iteration, I should create a game that illustrates the significance of reading - maybe word + definition matching.