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Haiijaii (meaning “breathe” in Thai) is a light installation fueled by data of air quality index collected from various locations around the world. The lights “breathe” according to the pureness of the air. Some will flicker, emulating us choking from pollution and some will pulse slowly, like steady inhalation and exhalation from a healthy atmosphere. It was showcased at the Wonderfruit Festival in Pattaya, Thailand in Dec 2019.

The art installation is made out of recycled used and unwanted materials, Haiijaii aims to give a second life to the preloved, and promotes sustainability in all the materials we use.

Haiijaii first came about as 4 creatives, Adulaya Kim Hoontrakul (Curator), Ka Lun Karen Chan (Neon artist and designer), Frederic Bussiere (Architect and Multimedia designer) and Santipab Somboon (Multimedia designer), got together to discuss the notion of air quality and carbon emission.

What is bad air? Is data enough to make people aware and react? Also, is the air quality index weaponised?

Factual as it may be, many richer countries off-set their carbon emission through buying power, leaving poorer countries with a consistent data that categorises them permanently as ‘polluted’ and hardly have good air.

With Haiijaii, we chose to communicate suffocation through the flickering lights of recycled glass neons. Some will have sharp flashes, some will pulsate slower, emulating breathing patterns affected by pollution.

The audience are invited to breathe along with the rhythm of the light to feel the urgency through surrogate.